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The Private Journal of Draco Malfoy

bespelled for my eyes alone

Draco Malfoy
5 June 1980
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Name: Draco
Nicknames: None, thank you.
Birthday: June 5, 1980
Wand: 10 1/2 inches, rowan, unicorn hair
House: Slytherin
Bloodline: Pureblood
Immediate Family:
-- Lucius Malfoy - father
-- Narcissa Malfoy - mother
-- Scarlett Malfoy - wife
-- Scorpius Malfoy - son

Boggart: The Dark Lord rising again
Patronus: Was a snake. 7th year it became a hawk.
Family history and back story:
Draco Malfoy survived the second Voldemort war with his life and the lives of his family. Really, that was all he asked for. That he owed it, and his father's continued freedom, to Harry Potter, was a fact he could not quite forget, but one which he buried necessarily in order to rebuild family solidarity and his own pride. He went back for his Seventh year at Hogwarts, did respectably but not brilliantly, dabbled a bit in advanced study of potions afterward at the Academia Arcana in Kiev and at the Advanced Alchemical Institute in Brussels, but found his passion for the subject dwindled before he completed his degree. He then travelled around Europe for a bit, trying to decide what to do next--mostly to avoid his parents' increasingly strident cries that he ought to marry. He managed to return home before his latent self-destructive streak did much damage. Besides, he missed England, even if England did not miss him.

At age twenty four he took up a largely ceremonial post in the Shacklebolt administration, as a liaison to Wizarding communities who had been disenfranchised by the events of the Voldemort war (i.e. former supporters of You-Know-Who in need of mainstreaming). He left the post when he married Scarlett Sacheverell and the two of them moved into Malfoy Manor while Draco's parents, Lucius and Narcissa, retired to the South of France, leaving the management of the Malfoy holdings in his and Scarlett's hands. As it was an arranged marriage, he had no expectation that they would love one another, yet he found himself experiencing feelings during their courtship and early days of the marriage that can only be described as romantic.

They soon produced an heir, Scorpius, bringing a joy to Draco's life that surprised him, and a sharpening of the affection he felt for the boy's mother into a kind of regard that bordered on awe. As the boy was growing up, he did his best to be the kind of father and husband that Lucius might have been, had he not been so obsessed with--and then trapped by--the Dark Lord's cause. Black moods still overtake him from time to time, but the forbearance of his family allows him to pass those times in silent contemplation.

Draco has never allowed himself to experience much regret over the way his life was stolen from him by Voldemort. He has not amounted to much beyond exactly what his parents expected of him, and he believes himself content with that. He does some mild politicking as is expected of a wizard of his class and station, he and Scarlett attend social functions together, he maintains a necessary social circle. He dabbles in potions, still. He and Scarlett sometimes aid in fundraising for worthy causes. That sort of thing. But with his son on the cusp of manhood now, Draco questions whether there isn't something more to life than doing the expected thing. Part of him cannot bear the thought that Scorpius should not turn out exactly as he did, and yet he suspects that with the Wizarding world's new order of things, his son could yet play a significant role. Draco has been a maintainer of the status quo for all his life, but what is the status quo now?


Height: slightly taller than Harry Potter
Eyes: Grey. Left eye unnaturally darkened/deep brown (potions accident)
Hair: Blond
Defining Marks: The faded scar of the Dark Mark on his left forearm. Lingering scars under his chin and across his chest from a certain Dark curse flung his way in sixth year.


Draco has a deep vein of bitterness, but years of burying it have made it hidden to all but those who know him best. He is by appearances a sharp-witted man of serious mien.


Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Opportunist
General love life information: His teenage relationship with Pansy Parkinson was little more than another expectation he tried to meet. He experimented with both men and women (and Muggles...believe it or not) when travelling in his youth, but has never fallen in love. Well, not with anyone who returned the feelings, anyway. Unless one counts the deep regard that he and Scarlett have developed for each other.
Current love interest: Although taking a mistress or lover is not out of the question, really there's no one but Scarlett just now.

I am not Draco Malfoy nor David Bowie. Draco Malfoy belongs to the wonderful mind of J. K. Rowling and her assigns and David Bowie belongs to himself and his corporation. This is an rpg journal for aww_rpg.